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Community Impact

In 2014, we established​ the RSM US Foundation to enhance our giving efforts. A tax-exempt public charity, our foundation is dedicated to building tomorrow's middle market leaders by:​

  • Enhancing educational outcomes through programs for individual​s to have a career path to become an entrepreneur or middle market business leader and/or
  • Supporting organizations committed to providing a more stable environment​ for​ youth in the areas of hunger, housing or​ health, which will help them excel in education

2023 charitable giving

The RSM US Foundation, our firm and our people contributed more than $8.6 million to charitable causes in 2023.


4% Community Impact Fund
8% Dollars for Doers
10% National charities
13% Other giving
15% University giving
50% Power of Love


The reporting period is for Jan. 1, 2023, through Dec. 31, 2023, for all RSM entities (RSM US LLP, RSM Canada LLP, RSM US and Boston Foundations).

RSM US Foundation charitable giving

Since its launch in 2015, the RSM US Foundation’s charitable activities total more than $44.2 million to support causes aligned with our mission.


1% Community Impact Fund
7% Dollars for Doers
7% Other giving
15% University giving
16% National charities
54% Power of Love


Reflects RSM US Foundation charitable giving since its launch in 2015 through Dec. 31, 2023.

2023 stewardship highlights

More than 840 students supported by RSM volunteers through the BGCA Workforce Readiness Program

69 colleges and universities awarded scholarship funds to distribute to more than 100 outstanding students

$390K in scholarships awarded to 31 students through the foundation’s scholarship contests

100 charities supported by the Community Impact Fund

$100K to a charity focused on mental health for youth 

22 colleges and universities supported through the University Impact Fund with $280K

More than 800 total grants awarded by the RSM US Foundation

24 RSM professionals on Junior Achievement boards

6,747 employee and partners volunteered through our Dollars for Doers program

30,700 hours volunteered by our people for the Power of Love

$4.7M gifted to more than 100 charities through the Power of Love program

$105K grant to support disaster planning and preparedness

RSM’s commitment to sustainability