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Compelling to our clients, digital in our approach and global in mindset

Middle market companies are global; so is RSM. As the leading firm serving the middle market, RSM is uniquely qualified to help growing, internationally minded companies seize opportunities and feel confident taking charge of change in an increasingly complex world.

In fiscal 2023, RSM ushered in a new vision

This year, we further integrated our 2030 global vision, Take Charge of Change, bringing together the strengths of our global organization and mobilizing our teams as we strive to be the most compelling, digital, global organization leading the middle market into the future.

E.J. Nedder was announced as RSM International CEO effective June 1, 2024. E.J. brings deep experience leading change and will help digitize our global network while evolving our global capabilities to deliver compelling industry insights, integrated solutions and the strategic relationships middle market companies need to succeed.

As the largest firm in the RSM network, RSM US has strong representation on the RSM International Board of Directors, as well as on its strategy and transformation advisory committees to help drive RSM toward our 2030 global strategy. We continue to make significant progress on our key strategic pillars.

In January 2024, we launched RSM’s evolved global brand around the world, with new elements that reflect our modern, forward-looking brand that is compelling, digital and global.

RSM US–India infrastructure, adoption and expansion. We operationalized our functions in India, with more than 2,000 people across all lines of business, service lines and firm-facing functions. We validated our differentiated employee value proposition in India, developed an integrated talent marketing and public relations strategy to further build our brand and reputation, enhanced our compensation and benefits, enhanced career progression, and developed policies and guidelines for global mobility.

Network strategic alignment and advancement. Our global network and other strategic relationships are bringing the full power of RSM to our internationally active clients. This year, RSM US contributed to a global sustainability strategy and governance model; built global practices around key solution sets and channels; and implemented enhanced global cybersecurity policies, procedures and governance.

Compelling global client experiences and growth. We are enabling a globally focused ecosystem of people, processes and technology to create compelling global client experiences and provide consistent delivery of high-quality solutions and thought-leading insights. This year, we completed several significant client contract and onboarding process improvements to make it easier to work with us and improve collaboration across member firms.

Globally focused talent, capabilities and culture. At RSM, we strive to be first-choice advisors. One key theme of that role—for clients and talent—is that first-choice advisors are sought out for the value they provide. This year, we focused on developing a global mindset among our people to enhance value and insights that help clients move forward on global strategies.

Countries where RSM has member-firm coverage

Global map- Countries where RSM has member-firm coverage
Countries where RSM has member firm coverage
* RSM US LLP and RSM Canada are member firms of RSM International
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Global strength, local relationships

RSM US is a member of RSM International, the sixth-largest global network of independent assurance, tax and consulting firms. For 2023, RSM International’s worldwide revenues were $9.4 billion, a year-over-year increase of 16%. As the leading provider of professional services to the global middle market, RSM has seen double-digit growth in five RSM regions for the third consecutive year, with robust growth across all service lines globally. Since the launch of RSM’s 2030 global strategy in 2023, we have been implementing the critical building blocks for ongoing growth, transformation and change, focusing on four strategic drivers—people, clients, technology and solutions.

Firms in 120 countries

64,000 people

820 offices around the world

RSM’s commitment to sustainability