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Responding to the needs of the middle market, we continue to evolve our tax practice with a focus on agility to serve clients with the right team, across the country and around the world.

Pairing our industry and technical insights, we create a rich first-choice advisor experience for our clients with professionals who understand their business and are adept at forecasting industry and technology trends and considering other external factors that give our clients the tools to not only comply but thrive.

Through regular webcasts, including our annual Tax in Motion series, our thought leaders deliver timely and actionable insights to the middle market on specialty tax topics—federal, state and local, and international—to private client issues and trends, policy updates and tax automation for digital assets.

Driving insights through proprietary technology

At RSM, we continue to innovate and bring increasingly greater value to our clients through the use of dynamic technology, driving insights into opportunities to accelerate growth for our clients while enabling risk management in a changing regulatory landscape.

The RSM tax ecosystem provides organizations access to data to scale operations and concentrate on high-impact opportunities. Combined with our middle market and industry knowledge, our proprietary technology empowers our people to deliver high-quality, tailored solutions that bring clarity and instill confidence in a world of change.

Global value-added tax (VAT) is becoming increasingly complex and digitized as tax authorities around the world require more automation and more data. RSM’s Global VAT Compliance solution was relaunched in fiscal 2024 with new technology, new processes and a new team of specialists in RSM US–India at the forefront of supporting our clients’ global compliance needs. Coupled with our new global e-invoicing service, we’ve gone from strength to strength in fiscal 2024, bringing clarity and automation to globally operating companies as they confront more demanding tax authority requirements.

– Duncan Stocks, VAT principal, RSM

Bringing clarity amid economic and legislative uncertainty

Our tax policy team of U.S. and global tax leaders provides steadiness in the shuffle, positioning businesses to be able to prepare today for what might happen tomorrow.

Tax policy is always front and center in Washington, D.C., yet in a divided government, uncertainty about tax legislation and broader economic impacts can become the norm. At RSM, we understand this dynamic and strive to enable businesses and individuals to successfully navigate the gap by reconciling tax policy and economic uncertainty with real-time business needs and challenges.

This year, our tax policy professionals represented the voice of the middle market in our nation’s capital, from submitting comment letters to hosting educational sessions for lawmakers and staff on Capitol Hill to regular meetings with House Ways and Means and Senate Finance Committee staffers on issues important to our clients.

For our clients, RSM led the way in deciphering the major business provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and the pending enactment of the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development’s Pillar Two and the global minimum tax (GLoBE), cutting through the noise and highlighting what companies need to know and do. In addition, our global team of tax policy professionals kept a keen eye on the global tax policy dynamic, distilling key developments and layering in additional insights and perspectives. By keeping a finger on the pulse of Washington and the global tax landscape, we continue to deliver value to our clients domestically and globally.

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