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Compelling, digital and global

RSM is focused on being a compelling, digital and global organization that instills confidence for our middle market clients in a changing world. Last year, we launched our Global 2030 strategy, uniting RSM member firms across 120 countries around a singular strategy for the future.

RSM 2030 Strategy

In fiscal 2024, we aligned our lines of business around service lines, capabilities and solution sets to align people, develop deeper technical expertise, enhance quality and scale for the future. We deployed new digital solutions to enable our people and support our clients. We grew globally as a result of our aligned strategy, and on June 1, 2024, we welcomed a new global CEO to lead our strong global enterprise to new heights in the future.

RSM’s future is bright as we continue to expand our position as the first-choice advisor to middle market leaders globally.

RSM’s commitment to sustainability