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The power of being digital

What does it mean to “be digital” in the face of a dynamic market? At RSM, it’s how we are driving the next wave of digital transformation—across the middle market and our organization—to create lasting value for our clients, to empower our employees and to maintain our competitive advantage as first-choice digital advisors.

We are innovating for the middle market by advancing novel technologies and pioneering new ways of delivering services. In doing so, we offer forward-thinking insights and solutions, and foster continuous enhancements and opportunities for both clients and our people.

In the past year we have accelerated our pace of research, innovation and implementation. For example, we:

  • Transformed our firm through a successful enterprise resource planning implementation of Workday, which has revolutionized our talent and finance organizations and set us on a modern data architecture path.
  • Completed the transformation of our tax delivery capabilities with our trio of a single integrated ecosystem of cloud-based platform tax automation technologies of PartnerSight, FamilySight and CorporateSight.
  • Launched the pilot RSM Luca, an AI-powered dynamic audit ecosystem that enables us to deliver audits using AI and data analytics to deliver relevant insights tailored to meet clients’ unique audit circumstances. 
  • Developed the proprietary RSM Automated Compliance System (RACS) platform powered by AI and advanced language models to create and refine controls, map internal controls to applicable government regulations and industry best practices, and provide analytics to aid in the identification of control area deficiencies and compliance groups.  
  • Pushed the boundaries of innovation with our 400+ professionals who have spearheaded the development of more than 100 cutting-edge industry-specific AI solutions and enhancement use cases with more than a dozen currently in design or development.

Our extensive digital insights, depth of resources and scale—along with our dedication to innovation—create significant opportunities to empower our clients who need to stay ahead of market shifts. Using digital solutions, RSM is achieving significant outcomes and transforming challenges into lasting benefits for clients: delivering intensified productivity, heightened informed decision making, increased operational efficiencies and precise financial analysis, evaluation and compliance.

Whether integrating AI applications with human expertise, leveraging advancements in cloud computing or forging strategic alliances, our people are at the forefront of merging technological insights with inventive strategies for clients. Serving as data-driven advisors who anticipate future trends, we foster greater trust, boost confidence and possess unparalleled marketplace knowledge and insights. By attracting and developing top talent, building strong relationships and embracing a customer-centric approach, we have become the go-to provider for clients seeking to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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